Daddy Fucks Raw – A Bareback Studio

You are already well aware of the award winning ‘Dads Fucking Lads‘ studio, the classic cross generational studio with such titles as Daddy Knows Best (which Director Andy O’Neil won best director for at the Pink Awards early this year), Harder Daddy, and Father Figure, under its belt has finally branched out into bareback porn. Branded ‘Daddy Fucks Raw’ this will be everything you love from Dads Fucking Lads, but with everyone favourite fetish… bareback!

Already gaining popularity online with only one title out named ‘Daddy Fucks Raw‘ (scene of which are available on the Eurocreme Store), Daddy Fucks Raw is going to be a studio that you will need to keep a look out for. Staring Alex Silvers, Antonio Miracle, Logan Moore, Johannes Lars, Ross Drake, Dave London, Theo Reid, and Alexis Belfort, Daddy Fucks Raw is a great first entry for this studio.

Introducing Dmitry Osten

Meet Dmitry Osten

Fresh off the plane from Moscow, Dmitry is a fresh faced 25 year old model and is ready to show the world what he is packing. Paired in his first Bulldog scene with porn superstar Kayden Gray, Dmitry goes all out to impress us all with his skills. Packing a massive 9 inch cock, this Russian is happy to show us what he’s got. Dimitry is definitely one to keep your eye on, his boyish good looks mixed with a thick cock is a dangerous combo! This boy has what it takes to make it big!

Catch his and Kayden’s scene on Bulldog when it comes out.

Award Season at Eurocreme

Porn Star turned Director Andy O’Neill takes Best Director Award for his blockbuster movie ‘Daddy Knows Best’

Featuring Super Porn Stars Samuel Colt and Darius Ferdynand on the cover, also designed by the award winning Andy O’Neill, the movie, released in Summer 2014 has given its director another award to grace the shelves at EurocremeGroup HQ, fresh from winning two previous awards at the HustlaBall Awards in Berlin earlier in October.

Having won Best Twink Film and Best Screenplay for SwimBoy and Penance respectively, the latest PINKX Awards is the icing on the porn cake for the EurocremeGroup as 2015 draws to a close.

Director Andy O’Neill said of his award; “I’m super thrilled to have won an award for my work at the company where I initially started my career in front of the camera back in 2008” He also added that. “This movie is one of my personal favourites, the models are the real stars of the show and I love working with them all and look forward to continuing to do so into 2016 and beyond, we have some big plans for the Dads range here at EurocremeGroup which I’m excited to be bringing to you all very soon.”

Managing Director Steven Chinnery mentioned “The three awards we have been awarded brings a hard year to a fantastic close, which shows us that our fans truly enjoy the work we do here. We’d like to thank everyone involved, not least the stars in front of the camera who do such a great job and make it a pleasure to film.”

The shelves at EurocremeGroup HQ, which offer studios like Alphamales, Bulldog, Dads Fucking Lads, DreamBoy and the new Bulldog RAW series of bareback fetish will be filling up nicely. All films are available from all good stockists, and distributed via Pulse in the US and Bruno Gmunder in Europe.

Hard Labour – Out Now!

Working with wood all day can be boring, but for these musclebound hunks, there’s always another kind of wood to hand, one that’s a lot harder and a lot more fun to play with.  Taking their minds off the job at hand, they get busy with each other, filling their mouths and butts with the stiffest, biggest dicks ever seen in the workshop! From famed fucker Kayden Gray ploughing the handsome Logan Moore to Spanish stud Antonio Miracle fucking the life out of fellow tattooed musclemen Jason and Russ, the workshop soon fills with the scent of sweat and spunk as well as sawdust as balls are emptied and the sweat drips off the men mid-fuck, leaving everything scorching hot and soaked in the tastiest spunk ever delivered.

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Training Corps – Out Now!

Sneaking away from the rest of the training camp, these horny young recruits want to find a secret place for them to release the tension built up from hours of exercising, marching and more. With so many men around, it’s almost impossible to achieve privacy, so the handsome young soldiers in training settle for anything, even if it means sharing their dicks with their bunk-mates as they stroke their shafts together, giving and receiving a helping hand as they let go of all their inhibitions and become true army men. Whether it’s waking from a cheeky nap, or teasing each other through a wire fence, there’s nowhere they guys won’t put their dicks, and their favourite place is soon in the hands of another man, as we all know, only men know what it’s like to wank a dick properly!

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ArmyBoy – Out Now!

Shipped off to training camp, 7 fresh faced recruits are put through their paces by the tough but handsome Sergeant Moore, who won’t take anything less than 100% from his boys. Endless marching, exercises and boot polishing keeps these handsome young fuckers busy, but they all find a way to get busy with each other; what else are all these testosterone fuelled guys going to do in their down time? From bunk mate fucking to medic room massaging, the story focuses on blond virgin James who struggles to find his place in the army, nervous and shy, he soon catches the eye of fellow recruit Robert, tall, lithe and very handsome, they hit it off, but will they be split up at the end of training at Dashwood, or will fate play its part and they be stationed together? Packed full of sexy young boys learning how to be men in all aspects of the word under the summer sunshine, the smell sweat, spunk and boot polish permeates the entire base by the time Sergeant Logan Moore hands out their final letters of graduation. Who will pass, who will fail and where will these new recruits end up?

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Officer Daddy – Out Now!

Prison’s a terrible place for a twink, the officers are hard and the price is high for not obeying them!  These four twinks soon find that out as horny officer daddies are out to get what they want from their charges.  With muscle men like Big T giving shy Lyle an ultimatum or handsome bearded Logan Moore finding a surprise package during a strip search, there’s a lot more to a night in the cells than a crappy mattress, it gets these boys initiated into a whole new world where daddy is definitely in charge, and there’s really no escape from his big hard dick!  These young boys have been very bad, and the only way to pay their dues is to do exactly as Officer Daddy says and wants, whether it’s on all-fours or on their knees, they better do what they command!

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Prison Breeding – Out Now!

Cuffed and thrown into the cells, these young tearaways are holed up with some very bent coppers looking out for them – or so they think!  These uniformed men only want one thing, and it’s a hot peachy ass to fuck raw that’s on the menu tonight.  Even the rookie policeman in the office after hours isn’t immune from horny hung AJ who initiates him into what really goes on at this station.  With sexy rough Irish inmates getting a face and ass full of big bare dick to an officer getting done over by a super hung inmate who repays in kind, leaving him full of cum and the inmate free to go!

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Reverend Daddy – Out Now!

We all look up to and respect the Priests. Given responsibility to ensure the spiritual wellbeing of our young men, they are entrusted to help as well as punish where punishment is due. Here are a whole load of naughty young men, ready and willing to take their Penance, with some even going for gold and seducing the priest’s themselves! It’s not hard to see why, with priests as muscled as Giorgio and as hung as Craig, and as devilishly handsome as superstar Jessy Ares. Catching their boys ‘looking for bibles’ or giving fake confession, the best way to teach these boys a lesson is to give them the taste of what a fully grown man wants from life, and it tastes just like cock and ass! Forgiveness is the key to their happiness, and penance is the only way these priest’s give!

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