Who’s ya daddy!

The DreamBoy Hotel boys have been invaded!!!

The Men from Alphamales move in and take advantage of the Lads from DreamBoy Hotel! Using and abusing the younger guys, they show them how the men do it!!

Its out next week, then we will see what it really is like behind the scenes and all the normally unseen action, ohhh, can’t wait!

Tough Dads & Bad Lads at Eurocremestore.com 04/0912- Ding Dong!!!

And the winner is…..

Hey Hey!!

Well, rolled into the office this morning, as you do, logged on and WHAM! Saw this badboy! http://www.cybersocketwebawards.com/vote.php

We’ve only just gone and been nominated for awards!

  • Best Video Site – Alphamale
  • Best VOD Site - Eurocreme
  • Movie of the Year – For the Delightful “DreamBoy Hotel!”
  • And Best European Themed Site  - Eurocreme

I’m going to vote… and in my expert opinion, i think you should too ;)

Jimmy x

Filming today!

You know i like keeping you guys in the loop! Here are a few of the unedited pictures I took whilst the boys were filming downstairs today! I have to say, it may be cold out ,but its sure as hell hot in there!

JP Dubois, Lukas Davidson and Billy Rubens are all playing today!

Bare Repairs newest release!

Ohhhh.. they did it again! A broken tractor ends in some bareback fun!

New face Maxim has a perfect little body, smooth, slightly toned but slender as anything, with a great big dick swiging and standing to attention as his fellow farm-hand works on it with his hot young lips wrapped around the shaft!  It’s a real toss-up between who would be best to get fucked, but Maxim’s delicious dick gets the pleasure of pounding John, just as the weather turns and they end up drenched in the summer rain!  Luckily for them, it passes by and the sun blazes on these two entwined twinks as they continue fucking each other, Maxim sliding all the way in and out in great motion that will make you wish it was your ass he’s really fucking!
















Right, im off to find a tractor to break!!

Giveaways! Going, Going GONE!

Hey guys, got some freebies to give away, but only 5!

The gorgeous Billy Rubens has signed some of his posters as a personal favour ;)

And as i’m so nice, i’m going to give them all away!  All you have to do is send me your email address with a postal address to jimmy@jimmybling.com…. i will pick 5 names on the 1st October!!  :)

Gooooooood luck!

Remember to sign up to eurocremestore.com to get all the discounts offers and downloads you can shake your stick at :) !!

Quick Peek at whats to COME!

As i am just so god dam good to you all, here are some more pictures from the behind the scenes shoot at the DreamBoy Hotel filmed yesterday!


From the looks of these, its going to be a very hot scene, Billy really shows Darius who the daddy is!  More filming going on today, i wonder what treats i will have tomorrow morning!!


What do you think, hot or not?

DreamBoy Hotel – Behind the Camera!

Well… I must say, its always a pleasure walking into the office in a morning, surrounded by the things I love! Its even better when I get a file full of all the nitty gritty picutres from the antics going on behind the scenes!


The gorgeous Billy has a new play mate in the Hotel (other than yellow plastic sheets) This is sure to be another hot production! Can’t wait to see the final edit!


Have you heard? The guys from Alphamales now have an official lube?? mmhmm… spunklube.com have sent a shipment of the wonderfully spunk like “Spunk”

Designed to look like the real thing, the Alphamale men can’t wait to get their hands (and dicks) covered in the stuff!!

Cant wait to see those shots, wow!!

Tight Fix… Hmm!

Well they have done it again, gone and released another hot and horny addition to my collection

Eurocreme Exclusives Jp Dubois and Billy Rubens really show us how to do it! Theres drama and lies all with the soul aim of getting naked and on with some serious fun!

Check it out at Eurocremestore.com!