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Taking a break from the scorching sunlight, muscled Mark in the black kit and Gucci in the yellow light up a cigarette and take a few puffs before they play with their dicks as all lads do, but this time it’ll be leading to a whole new side of things for them!  With mark’s hot dick firmly in his mouth, the blond skinny guy gets a real taste of it as Mark stands and smokes some more before having enough oral and spinning his fuck buddy round, bending him over and ramming his bare dick into his ass as he yelps out in an unsure pleasure!  Pulled back onto his dick so he doesn’t flinch, Mark knows exactly how to fuck and Gucci is in it until the end!  With plenty of positions and a final jerk-off, these guys don’t even bother getting naked, they spunk all over the floor, pull up their trousers and spark up another fag!

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