World Of Men!

We all have a type, certain counties get your cock twinging in your pants! The new world of men series takes us around the world, visiting different countries finding the hottest local men! Simply put – there is something for everyone!

The estate agent might be tall dark and handsome, but the designer is a pure London lad, blond, tattooed and an appetite for sex like none other!  This Middle-Eastern man is right up Anthony’s street, and even though they are 20 floors above the London skyline, Anthony gets down on his knees right there on the balcony and gets his cute young face full of hot foreign cock!  After some damn hot cock sucking, our hairy Arab guy gets to work on Anthony’s even hotter ass, opening his cheeks wide and even at face level, this will blow your mind as Michel eats his pin hole and devours dick, all the while giving us the best view of his hairy body, chest and pits, not to forget his thick solid meat!  As Michel pulls Anthony back onto his now throbbing dick, he really works himself into his English hole, his muscles rippling as he thrusts forward over and over, the look on Anthony’s face is a picture of sexual thrills, Michel pulling all the way in and out as we see his furry frame get as deep into his fuck buddy as he can.  After spurting his own load over himself, Michel gives him a final farewell as he leaves his pretty face splattered in spunk, the thick wads covering his face, mouth and tongue.

Fit young men Dominic and Sam are getting together via a mobile app, and Dominic has brought his friend Jack along for the ride for some sneaky filming, but little does Sam know what’s gonna happen!  After some quick words from his new found fuck buddy from the States, Sam, horny as ever, agrees to be filmed and the fun begins!  Stripping off in a flash, bearded Sam and Dom are straight into the throat fucking, their dicks pointing straight up and eager to be covered by juicy lips, quivering in anticipation for some hardcore anal probing! Don’t miss the great ball sucking and ball-play between these two hot fuckers.  The question of who’s going to fuck who is soon answered when Dominic goes to town on Sam’s smooth hot butt, letting us in on the action as he then slaps his dick on his hole, getting it ready for the shaft to slowly open him up and get deep inside him!  Starting slow to keep this English lad from running off, the American stud can’t contain himself for long and soon the furniture is working its way across the room as Dominic pounds into Sam until both climax in a fury of sweat and spunk.

You don’t always need 3 beers to turn a straight guy gay for the evening, sometimes it just takes great timing as Riley here finds out to his luck!  Having been chucked out by his girlfriend, blond muscle stud Jack dosses at mate Riley’s place and has a cheeky wank in the living room but just as he’s getting there Riley jumps in and makes his move!  These hot Brit boys, muscled but smooth chested and both with great cocks are a perfect pairing, and when a man is horny, any mouth is at least a mouth and Jack soon gets into the swing of things as they make out and we get long shots of their fit bodies and bulging pants, Riley creating a huge tent in his pyjama bottoms, jack can’t wait to see what’s in store for his first dick experience. Tentatively starting to lick and then put more dick into his mouth, Jack is quick to the get the hang of it and turns out to be a bit of a natural!  When it comes to fucking too, we guess Jack  has had a lot of practice and can pull off some very sexy positions, giving the resident gay guy a fuck he’ll never forget!

The return of Ashley Ryder gives us the power bottom teaming up with hot, big dicked Brazilian Billy Baval.  Ashley’s milky white skin looking perfectly English against Billy’s tanned, olive body, something Ashley obviously finds hot enough to eat as he licks and suck on pits, nipples and that famous dick!  Both men have a hot toned frame, and the sight of Ashley in a jock, showing off that hungry butt of his and welcoming Billy’s fingers as we all know it does but stopping at two this time – sorry guys!  Making sure Ashley can feel every inch of his Brazilian beef, Billy slowly works his way in, his thick shaft stretching his playmate open and then pounding him hard, all the while Ashley begging him for more and making this top fucker sweat!  His buff hairy body working back and forth to satisfy the insatiable Ashley until he finally shoot his load, straight over the balcony onto the floor below, swiftly followed by the exhausted Billy covering Ashley’s freshly fucked ass, ready to collapse onto the bed, ready to start again!

Monster Cock Orgy anyone?

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Take 7 horny sex mad guys with monster cocks to a sexy secret mansion & say ‘lets make porn’ – no fake acting, no fake characters, just real guys and what happens?; shagging, sucking, wanking, snogging, groping, licking, feeling, throbbing, fucking, dribbling, pumping, bursting till they blow! A no holds barred shag fest filmed over three days where you’ll get closer to the action than ever before. Loaded with spunk-soaked special features, see these horny, hung, monster cock-whores fuck in and out of the jacuzzi, all over the lounge, in the gym, in the sauna – even in the back of a car! Couples, threesomes, four at a time – they just couldn’t get enough of each other!

Make the most of while you can!

Luke Desmond takes Sklar Blu!

Everyone loves a huge cock! Skylar just can’t get enough of Luke and his!
















The rumours surrounding JP’s swift departure are rife amongst the staff at the DreamBoy Hotel, and Luke Desmond and Skylar Blu are discussing what’s going on in the stock room.  From one hot topic to another, Skylar and his wandering eyes soon focus on Luke’s bulge and sweaty overalls and within an instant he’s pulled them apart and got Luke’s 9 inches of meat working into his hungry mouth.  Sucking his colleagues huge dick like a man possessed, he won’t stop just there, he wants it up his ass!  It’s late at night so they sneak into reception where they won’t be surprised for some of the hottest twink fucks ever!  After Luke uses a fleshjack on Skylar, clear so we can see his shaft explore the toy nice and deep, things get cranked up to another level!  With Luke standing over and bent double Skylar and pushing his entire length downwards into Skylar’s open hole – what more could we want?!  As it gets pulled up and pushed down over and over, Skylar feels every single inch get deeper into his body, jerking off in sync, leaving them both exhausted, sweaty and saturated in the white stuff.  As they get dressed again, Skylar notices something’s not quite right and could shed light on JP’s disappearance..

Taking Control Behind The Scenes

There’s nothing better than being behind the camera on filming day, even more fun when you can talk to the models and see them relaxed!












Take a sneaky look behind the scenes of the making of Taking Control, where you can get up close and personal with exclusives Billy Rubens and Danny Daniels and many more of the cast as they tell you inside secrets and storylines of the studio and unrestricted access to the studio set itself as they have fun filming for Eurocreme!

Eurocreme 10th Birthday Tickets

Its fast approaching and will soon be upon us! The party of the year full of the sexiest boys around. Set in the sexiest venue in central London the and with confirmed acts from Vegas, you are  sure to have the time of your life! 

 Live appearances from our sexiest models will leave you with a memory that will last you for many nights. Get your tickets before they go up! Advance ticket prices end march 15th!

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The Dreamboy Hotel is “On Leave”
















When Danny Daniels checks-into the DreamBoy Hotel hoping to see manager JP during his stay.  With Eurocreme Exclusive Billy Rubens at the reception, priorities suddenly change, as they always do, and the nonstop sexual exploits begin in an instant!  As JP fucks around with staff and guests alike, Billy gets more and more pissed and wants to teach his boss a lesson.

With the army after JP, and some disgruntled musclemen from a previous engagement, JP needs to make a swift disappearance, leaving everyone curious, but nonetheless covered in cum as he says his goodbyes, and we say hello to some big dicks and hungry holes, all within the walls of the DreamBoy Hotel!

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Celebrating 10 Years!

To Celebrate the last 10 Years of Eurocreme, the office boys dug into the archives and found four of the sexiest models from their movies.

 Will Jamieson is a handsome lad with a beefy build. He’s got luscious lips twinks love to kiss and he uses them well when he sucks them off just before fucking their tight pink holes! Will especially loves fucking skinny dark-haired pretty things.

 Once you’ve met Damien, you’ll never forget him. He’s got the most amazing smile and sparkly eyes that you just can’t remove your gaze from. Always up for it and eager to please, he loves travelling to London from Paris to film with us – and picking him up from the eurostar was always a pleasure to see him coming up the ramp with a big sexy smile on his face!

Young and fabulous, that’s Alex Stevens. This handsome young man in his early 20s knows exactly what he wants. He enjoys keeping fit and likes the attention he gets when out on the streets or at the bars but he doesn’t go home with just anyone. And considering all the offers for sex he’s had since starting work in the gay adult entertainment industry, he’s got more than he can handle!

Joe Bondi is the type of guy who likes to spend some of his free time sunning himself. This handsome Australian twink has an athletic build and enjoys swimming when he’s not cruising for fun or trouble. Joe enjoys making new friends, especially good fuck buddies because you can never have enough!

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Billy has a personal goodbye for JP!

Billy and JP star in the newest release from the feature movie “On Leave

Stopping by on his way out, JP has one last goodbye to say, and Billy is confused and upset by JP’s swift disappearance act, but at least he gets control of the Hotel!  As a final parting gift, JP and Billy have a last fling, the sight of the two hottest bodies in the Hotel getting hot and heaving next to one another will make anyone forget about leaving, and as JP goes to town on Billy’s stiff dick, he lets out some soft moans that are pure sex, mixed with the sight of his smooth swinging balls!  Jp decides his dick is in need of some attention too, and straddles Billy, looking down and seeing his big thick dick in the handsome mouth of Billy, slowly getting face fucked by the man he really wants.

Giving Billy something he’ll truly remember forever, JP pushes him on all fours, opening his hot ass and licking his hole for the very first time!  If only this was the lead to his first time fuck, but alas no, Billy won’t let that one go in a hurry and JP’s butt is firmly on the menu!  Sit back and enjoy Billy’s scorching hot body thrust into JP as he grips the bed for traction and pushes back on Billy’s incessant fucking, getting rewarded with a face covered in Billy’s delicious spunk – there’s so much JP could drown!