Taking Control Sc 4 – Billy Rubens and Luke Desmond

Billy’s totally stressing out with running the hotel, and when Luke barges into his office he goes mental at him.  Yelling at him that the only reason he’s still there is because JP loves his big fat cock (fact), he pulls it out and all is quickly forgiven!  Luke, in his overalls and massive meat hanging out of them is a sight we all love, and Billy is no exception – swiftly on his knees and filling his mouth with as much of Luke as he can fit!  As both boys feed of each other and Luke strokes himself to full, mouthwatering length, Billy bends him over and without any notice rams himself up his employee, pulling his shoulders back as his hips thrust forward, no wonder Luke yells out in pleasure, if only he could also see Billy’s tight tanned body flex as he does it, he’s be spunking instantly!  Luke doesn’t get much attention aside from his dick, but here his body is as ripped as Billy’s, lean slim and toned, the perfect all round guy to fuck and get fucked by – it’s only a matter of time before our straight fucker Billy gets bent double!  For now we’re happy with Luke getting the best of Billy, squatting all the way on and off his dick, we see both boys working themselves to an orgasm of biblical proportions

Enjoy! Jimmy! x

Taking Control

 Billy Rubens, Eurocreme’s exclusive star has successfully taken control of the DreamBoy Hotel, and it’s sexier and hornier than ever!  With sexy boys around every corner, it might have some problems but a juicy dick and hungry ass always make up for them!  Featuring another exclusive, blond beauty Danny Daniels, alongside stars Darius Ferdynand and Luke Desmond, it’s a melee of young men with giant dicks getting their first ever fuck, or working themselves around the corridors on a never-ending sex-fest.  From army boys to suited studs, this is one place you’ll find your favourite twink; it’s just a matter of Taking Control!

Its one not to miss!

Jimmy x

The Eurocreme Easter Egg Hunt is back!

Hey Guys!

The Eurocreme Easter Egg Hunt is BACK!

Search through eurocremestore between the 25th March and 03rd April 2013  and find 5 Easter eggs. They’re dotted around various products and look something like this- 

Once you have found them all, email me with a list of where you found them, its as simple as that!

Egg 1 colour/ Location =

Egg 2 colour/ location =

Egg 3 colour/ location =

Egg 4 colour/ location =

Egg 5 colour/ location =

3 lucky winners will receive a bundle of 1x 9×6 Lube 2oz, a collection of limited edition travel wallets,  x2 door hangers from the DreamBoy Hotel and x2 standard tickets to Eurocreme’s 10th Birthday Party held in London on 30th may 2013.

Good Luck

Jimmy! x



EurocremeStore.com Easter Egg Hunt 2013 Terms and Conditions.
By entering this competition, you have accepted and agreed to the terms and conditions listed below.
This competition is open to adults aged 18 years and older.
The 3 winners will be chosen at random by an independent adjudicator from all correct participants clearly stating where all 5 ‘eggs’ were located on EurocremeStore.com between 25th March and 03rd April 2013 emailed to jimmy@jimmybling.com.
The winners will receive a bundle of 1x 9×6 Lube 2oz, a collection of limited edition travel wallets and x2 door hangers from the DreamBoy Hotel and x2 standard tickets to Eurocreme’s 10th Birthday Party held in London on 30th may 2013.
The prize winners will be selected and announced on Wednesday 3rd April 2013. The winners will be notified by email. The adjudicator’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
If the entrant is drawn as a winner and the e-mail address provided is invalid then another winner will be chosen at random.

Taking Control Solo

After catching fit blond solider boy Danny sneak in fellow soldier Josh into the hotel, James can’t help himself but fantasise about army life and the sexual exploits a bunch of testosterone fuelled boys get up to! As he starts going into a world of imagination, reality comes back with a bang, on the wall! He hears Danny and Josh working up a sweat in the room next door, and James can hardly contain himself! Working his juicy cut dick, constantly lubed up with the house 9×6 lube, his dick isn’t the only thing getting attention and he pulls out a great sized dildo which is slides inside him, imagining Danny and Josh being there pounding into him until he shoots his load, wiping it up and tasting his own juice!

You will be left looking for your toy-box and lube!


Give me a Lick!

Lick is a fresh faced, sexy clothing brand who are supporting Eurocreme and their 10th birthday celebration. The guys at Lick are constantly updating their range and produce a great product. Their underwear is sexy, sleek and gives you a great framing to a cute ass or bulging crotch!

Their newest line Azure Blue Hipster has just been released, modeled by some rather hot guys, you can see the quality of this brand and only hope that the next time you pull a guys trousers down, you get a face full of this sexy brand and not a supermarket special!

Check out the latest shoot!

I can’t wait to see the Eurocreme models in their underwear at their 10th Birthday Party, from what I hear, the models will be filling these boxers nicely showing more packages than a post office!