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The new store has arrived!

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What do you think, looks sexy, no?

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Jimmy x

Bargain Download – Chav Fuckers

Chavs, scallies, neds, rudeboiz… whatever you call them, we can all agree they’re fucking hot! For that reason we’ve compiled our best spunk-soaked scally scenes, so that you can enjoy the ultimate moments of chav fucking action! Hot boys in baseball caps and trackie bottoms offer their arses to rough, tough tattooed lads, who are more than happy to give them a good hard fucking! With a scorching Footie Kit threesome, Steven Prior’s monster cock and the ultimate chav orgy, this is one session of Rudeboiz ramming you can’t afford to miss!!


Only £6.50 in the Eurocreme Store (Valid until 30/04/13)

Billy Rubens in a sex toy solo!

Billy Rubens seems to be slipping from hit “Top” status!

We caught him with a dildo and bit of arse play! Check it out here!

Short staffed and fully booked, Billy has to run around doing the housekeeping, but there’s one room which he spends a bit too long in, after finding a bag stuffed full of sex toys and all manner of deviancy!  Curious about what the big deal is about sex toys, this sexy young stud gets a heaviness in his groin and decides to try out a few – a treat for working so hard!  Starting with a funky looking ice-jack, we can see his delicious dick fuck inside it as he slams it down over and over, getting himself super horny and ready to try a dildo next up his virgin hole!  Playing with a small (well he is a novice) black dildo, he’s bent over and his trim hole in the air as he slides it in, getting more and more lube on it to help it slide him, he’s not going to leave until he’s cum and soon dildo’s and jacks himself at the same time, which looks fucking awesome, especially when his lube covered hole, cock and balls twitch and stiffen as he readies himself to cum, leaving his abs nice and white!

Billy sure looks like he is having fun with those toys!! May have to help him out with a throbbing cock next!! ;) Watch this space!

Jimmy x

As One in the Park

The Eurocreme Group are pleased to announce that they will be present at this years Orange Nation festival!  Bringin with them The Eurocreme Group Clinic you can get the chance to meet some of the models, have your picture taken with them and even get some goodies!

While you are there, why not get your tickets for the Eurocreme birthday bash and party with the porn stars!

Get your tickets to be part of this star filled event and see the amazing Rita Ora!!

See you there!


Raw N Hung 3way Fun

There’s nothing quite like getting down and dirty with one of these hot Czech stars, renowned for their big dicks, hungry holes and perfectly formed, slim and lean bodies, not to mention their appetite for sex!  But when there’s an extra boy or two it’s heaven!  Compiling the best threesome fucks of the Rawboys history, this is very much an indulgent affair into spit roasted twinks, cum covered lads and even some sex toy action thrown in!  Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, there’s nothing stopping all three Rawboys stripping off, exposing their delicious bodies to each other and then fucking the life out of each other in turn, what more could you want?!

If you LOVE 3ways and outdoors, then this movie is for you! It’s one hot cum fueled fuckfest!


Leo Marco and Ethan – Inside Job!

Checking in to the DreamBoy Hotel for a marketing conference, sexy young Leo Marco, straight from Paris instantly begins flirting with the sexy manager Billy Rubens before he’s caught short by colleague Ethan walking in the door.  Heading straight to their room, and it’s only double beds in the DreamBoy Hotel, Leo showers, getting himself soapy and very aroused, probably thinking about Billy!  In the meantime, Ethan takes a look into Leos bag and grabs some not-so-fresh pants from his case and can’t help but sniff deep, his massive dick straight up and softly stroked!  With perfect timing, Leo walks in on this big dicked sight and his eyes turn hungry for meat!  Although Ethan’s shy at first, Leo’s juicy lips are round his thick shaft and all inhibitions are lost to the throes of boy on boy sex!  Leo’s slim tanned body bouncing on top of Ethan’s huge dick, his smooth balls slap against his peachy ass until both lads can’t hold out any longer and explode their juices all over one another, Leo coating himself with thick white spunk and Ethan squirting his load over his new-found fuck buddy!

If this hot scene isn’t a advert for good room service, I don’t know what is! I’m checking into the DreamBoy Hotel, see you there?

Jimmy x

Eurocreme Group Clinic

The Eurocreme Group are pleased to announce they will be opening the studio doors and running their very own sexual health clinic. Staffed by the nurses from 56 Dean Street the clinic will run every Thursday from 5-7:30 pm.


The clinic offers the following free services;

  • Screening for sexually transmitted infections
  • Hepatitis A, B screening
  • Hepatitis C instant screening
  • Hepatits A and B vaccination
  • Instant HIV Testing
  • Free condoms, lubes and safe sex supplies
  • Get advice from the specialist team

The clinic will offer a different kind of feel with a relaxed atmosphere away from the busy mainstream clinic setting. You will also get to see the studio behind so many of our movies.

Free to use by anyone especially all of those in the sex industry! The doors will be open from Thursday in Vauxhall, London.


From Fantasy to Reality Scene 1 and 2!

Everyone has a fantasy, these guys are just lucky enough to make them a bit more than a wet dream!
















It’s everyone’s favourite fantasy, a couple of topless labourers, working on your house, working up a sweat and working up a whole lot of sexual energy that they can’t control.  These young men are exactly that, cute, smooth and with some delicious dicks they can’t get enough of!  The cute-faced Tom gets his dick totally worshipped by blond Sam who seems to love nothing more than a hard dick in his mouth!  Moving his young fuck mate over to the ladders, they are positioned perfectly for a very acrobatic fuck, squatting astride them both, Sam is able to get free access to his mates hole, and exploits that fact in a dam horny way!  Sliding in and out, Tom is in no position to stop him, but who would want to, this angle is the best for everyone and lets us see exactly how long Sam’s dick is when it disappears inside Tom, only to reappear time and time again as they both fuck the brains out of each other!  Showing his gratitude, Tom then squirts a great load of jizz onto Sam’s sexy face, leaving Tom to get covered in Sam’s juice, a hot bottom covered in cum – perfect!
















The whole of the Czech Republic must be a building site, there is so much decorating going on, not that we’re complaining, we get to see the locals in action, and dark haired Nick and Justin are no exception!  Busy with the painting, it only takes a couple of sly glances towards each other to get them to down tools and strip off and fill each other’s faces with dick!  Eager for a fucking however, Nick climbs up a ladder and exposes his pink hole to Justin, and what’s a boy to do but oblige him by sticking his bare dick into him,. Fucking him hard in a multitude of positions designed for us to get the best view and for Nick to get the best fuck of the job!  Justin has a great patch of trimmed chest hair to go with his powerful thrusts, proving he’s a real man who knows how to fuck his twinks, lucky for Nick as he gets jerked off whilst getting fucked, leaving him unable to control his spunk as it floods out of him mid-fuck, swiftly followed by Justin’s well-timed climax, aimed at his freshly fucked hole, leaving him saturated in the white stuff, and then fucked gently once more!

It’s a cum filled hornfest!

Jimmy! x