Launching Birthday Boy

To Celebrate our 10th birthday we have filmed a special DreamBoy movie “Birthday Boy”

With new Faces to the DreamBoy Hotel such as Drake Law, the movie is looking absolutely amazing! Drake is a natural and when accompanied by super sexy Billy Rubens and JP Dubois he really is the icing on the cake!

Filming in the Store in Soho, London was great, giving us a heap of ideas of toys we could use in our Movies, Clone Zone is a little treasure trove of sexual goodies!

Billy and Drake looking sweet and innocent at the Clone Zone window! You’ll see in the movie that innocence is quickly shed as they enter into a horny sex fueled session

Coming to store at the end of May, you will not be disappointed Here are a few of my favorite shots from the movie! Make sure your boss isn’t around ;)

How hot does that little lot look!?

Jimmy x


Birthday Boy Sc 2 – Luke Desmond and Billy Rubens

Leaving the bar with his gift to Drake, Billy makes his way to fuck-buddy Luke Desmond’s place, wanting to release some tension and do as he was done by, by his crush Drake. With Luke’s girlfriend out of the way, lucky young Billy gets to feast on Luke’s massive dick, which no-one can get enough of! He might be straight in the movie, but Luke Desmond can’t wait to take Billy’s dick up his hot ass but not before he plays with the very toy meant for Drake, Billy working the fleshjack over Luke’s ever increasing dick, sucking it after each turn. It’s a perfect match with these two guys, both lean, toned, their six-packs flexing together as Billy slides his dick in and out of Luke, Luke’s own dick rock solid as Billy works closer and closer to each other, kissing each other as they build into the biggest orgasm these boys have had, Billy playing with the freshly jazzed spunk, much to Luke’s delight!

Out now at the Eurocreme Store! It’s definitely something that you will want to unwrap come your birthday ;)

Jimmy! x

Bargain Download – Super Size Fuck Machine

Eurocreme favourite Titch Jones belies what’s in his pants, packing one of the most delicious dicks in the business, it’s huge!! Long, thick and squirts the cum for miles around, he’s what we all want a piece of. Smooth body, huge dick, sweet face; this supersized fuck machine loves nothing more than slamming his mighty weapon into peachy butts, giving them the biggest dick of their young lives, opening them up more than ever!!

Only £6.45 until 21/05/13 from Eurocreme Store

BirthdayBoy Sc1 – McKensie and Drake Law

With the sexiest wake-up call ever, handsome young twink Drake gets stroked awake by the buff Billy Rubens, his new flatmate. Having just moved to London, Drake’s a bit depressed, and with today being his birthday, Billy is quick to jump to it, celebrating with Drake by heading to London’s Soho and diving into the nearest sex shop! Drake’s never seen so many sex toys in his life and Billy treats his new friend to a fleshjack, something for him to enjoy in his room! As they go to a bar, the new London boy Drake gets eyed up left right and centre, and fit barman McKensie has set his sights directly on luring him back to his! Running off after a quick encounter, Drake leaves Billy and his present behind, calling on McKensie and a bit of fun on his big day! Rushing into some hot cock sucking within moments, McKensie can’t wait to strip Drake naked, showing us all his lean and lithe body, hairless and incredibly lick-able, as McKensie clearly shows us! With some of the best cock-sucking, Drake turns into quite the rampant fucker, stuffing his mouth full of dick before propping his new found fuck-buddy on top of his dick and slamming him hard and fast. McKensie can’t get enough of Drake’s big dick, moving all over the bed to give him deeper access, we’re given unrivalled views of McKensie’s huge thick white load squirting from his twitching dick, swiftly joined by Drake’s own spunk-fest! Drake has the best birthday present with McKensie and his hot arse!! Below is Drake, he loves sucking cock! He is a gorgeous nortern lad with a lust for sex! He is the nicest person to sit and chat to! You can meet him at the Eurocreme Party! Tickets are 2 for 15£ with discount code “1extra” from here. See you there!  Check this Preview out, it’s got me wishing it was my birthday already!

Eurocreme Party

Eurocreme 10th Birthday Party

May 30th, 2013 will see in the 10th birthday of Eurocreme. To celebrate the Group, including Alphamales, BullDog and World Of Men, is hosting a party like no other! With prizes, giveaways and a world class stage show, you will be left feeling satisfied!

 Vegas Act (Madonna and Shirley Bassey tribute acts) performing LIVE! With competitions and a load of Underwear and goodies to give away!

***All profits from the party will be donated to 56 Dean street***

The Party also celebrates the launch of the Eurocreme Group Clinic. Being held in the Eurocreme Studios in Vauxhall, London, the clinic offers a full sexual health screening to all those who wish to make the most of this FREE and confidential service.

The Venue- Cafe De Paris, London

Ticket Types

Standard: Ticket includes access to the venue, live Vegas acts, appearances from the Eurocreme models, FREE raffle tickets for chances to win some serious prizes and make the most of the plentiful giveaways.

VIP: VIP ticket includes a free glass of champagne, free cloakroom .You will have access to the VIP gallery which overlooks the stage and main dance floor, as well as access to the VIP bar and backroom. Each VIP attendee will receive a goody bag as well as having their photo taken “in bed” with the models. You will also have FREE raffle tickets for chances to win some serious prizes and make the most of the plentiful giveaways.

(Tickets will be dispatched via email)

Want to help but can’t make the party? You can donate directly to the charity here –

Bargain Download – Eurocremies

Cock crazed twinks all after a nice big dick to fill up their tight young holes, being pounded harder and faster than they’ve ever had throughout their young lives. Hardcore action, threesome fucking and outdoor fun, anywhere there’s a chance for some cock play, these boys are out to enjoy it, stretching themselves wider and wider!!



Only £6.45 until 21/05/13 from Eurocreme Store

Inside Job – Billy and Leo

The time to leave has arrived, but Billy has fallen in love with our French beauty, and asks him to stay with him at the hotel…  Although he can’t stay, he also can’t leave with a final fling and Billy is just as happy to get him naked right there in the conference room.  The  suits are slowly peeled off the two sexy young fuckers, both rock hard at the sight of each other’s toned, smooth and damn hot bodies.  Billy can’t wait to get his stiff dick inside his crush, and Leo has no problem with that, the horny bottom boy pushes back onto his shaft, letting it slide slowly inside of him until Billy takes over and bucks hard, pumping him full of his meat, allowing Leo to wank himself off as he just enjoys this moment of union, Billy inside of Leo and Leo laying back, letting Billy take him over completely.  Not wanting to waste a drop of cum in the Hotel, Leo make sure he covers Billy, leading to Billy shooting his own wad over himself, leaving him dripping, but both boys very happy!

As you can see – Leo couldn’t get enough of Billy and his cock! 

Inside Job – Lucas and McKensie

Setting up for the big presentation, new face and rather dashing McKensie meets bellboy-cum-handyman Lucas finishing off the polishing and offers to help McKensie set up and if there’s anything else he can do to make him happy… Well McKensie wastes no time and asks him how he sucks dick! Nothing like being to the point, and Lucas is soon literally there, sucking on his rock solid veiny dick.. talk about good service from the DreamBoy Hotel! Bending Lucas over the desk, folders and paperwork get swept aside and replaced with hard twink fucking, McKensie giving Lucas the ass workout of the decade, keeping his dick sliding all the way in and out as he is pinned to the desk, loving every second. Returning the favour, his DreamBoy training tells him his needs to fuck too and boy does he rise to the occasion, McKensie’s butt is fed Lucas’ thick shaft and he’s jerked off with every thrust, their toned young bodies looking fit as fuck as they flex and twist, getting closer, soon spurting and leaving them late for work and very sticky indeed!


I know I would love a conference like this, having a guy balls deep in me! Wow!

Go take a look for yourself

Jimmy! x