CottageBoy Launch Party!


On Friday the 1st of November the gorgeous Leo Marco is in town from Paris to celebrate the launch of Eurocreme’s latest movie “CottageBoy”.Set in the French Countryside it’s a romantic, horny and fun movie about a group of guys from London and the antics they get up to when they’re miles from home with nothing to keep them occupied but each other!

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The event will take place with our friends at KuBar in their basement club. You will be able to see previews of the movie and upcoming movies from the Eurocreme Group.

dvd-sc2  lyle-boyce  kayden-gray

Leo will be joined by his costars the gorgeous Kayden Gray and Eurocreme Exclusive Lyle Boyce. You will be able to meet the models and get up close, they will be more than happy to talk to you, give you their autograph or even sign a copy of the DVD for you! It’s a one off that you won’t forget!

The DVD’s are going to be on sale for only £20 so you will be reaping the savings and possibly walking away with some seriously hot prizes from our spin the wheel. There are some AussieBum goodies, Eurocreme goodies as well as shots all up for grabs!

This is a guest list event, all you will need to do to get access will be to email HERE with names and email addresses or visit the Facebook Event Page. Guests will also receive a goodiebag from Eurocreme!

See you there!!


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Daddy’s Boy- Out Now!

Daddys-BoyEveryone loves a daddy, and when they are muscled, hairy and full of spunk, it’s pure heaven. Those who love twinks however are in for a horny surprise as they come with giant dicks, tight smooth bodies and bubble butts that cry out for a hard rough fuck from their hung daddies! With super fuckers teaming up with youthful, naïve twinks, the older guys are really shown a thing or two in the bedroom as they are fucked harder and faster than they’ve ever had in their young lives. Starting off with great interviews with the models, we get to know exactly what they like and what they want, and when their wishes match up, we know the results are going to be super-charged and explosions of spunk are guaranteed from both the Daddy and his boy!

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CottageBoy Sc1, 2, 3 and 4 – OUT NOW!


The boys arrive at the cottage, and being shown to their rooms by sexy French boy Leo.  There’s already an air of discord among the couples and baby faced Lyle Boyce is caught right in the middle of muscled young stud Kayden and cute twinky Zac’s relationship angst.  Pouring wine the first evening and being left alone in the lounge, Lyle lets slip how sexy he finds Kayden, and always the player, Kayden picks up on it and gets what he wants from the slim pale young boy.  Seeing Lyle’s face pushed up against Kayden’s rock hard abs and pecs, he loves the thought of being used by him, and boy is he used!  Kayden flops out his solid 9” meat, thick enough to be a struggle for Lyle to even fit in his mouth, but that’s not going to stop him!  Getting face fucked hard by the dark and handsome Kayden, Lyle is almost split in two when he’s pulled on top of that monster dick and lowered over it, filling him up with more dick than he’s ever had in his young life.  All the while, CottageBoy Leo is at the window, enjoying the show from the darkness outside, watching and wanking intently until he himself creams all over the ivy, and Kayden squirts a massive load all over Lyle, leaving this freshly fucked young lad sore, used and definitely abused, but with the broadest grin on his face ever.dvd-sc2 

It’s the first night of having 5 of the hottest London talent staying in his father’s cottage, and CottageBoy himself Leo Marco doesn’t want to miss this opportunity for some eye-candy.  What he gets almost immediately is something he couldn’t have wished for, and sees slim, sexy and very twinky Lyle Boyce getting it on with super-stud Kayden Gray right there on his sofa!  Peeking in from the window outside, Leo instinctively gets his already solid dick out from his jeans and starts slowly stroking it, getting it twitching with excitement as he struggles to remain hidden from behind the ivy covered window.  With flashes of the hot action inside, it’s all about the voyeuristic excitement we get with Leo and his very sexy dick standing proud from his trousers, we can almost picture ourselves in that position, and joining him as he spunks all over the plants, leaving them dripping in boy juice just as he is caught peeping in.. or is he?


The next day and breakfast in paradise turns sour as Kayden invites Niall’s ex to the party.  Kayden’s current boyfriend Zac is furious and storms out, with Kayden following him, eager for either reconciliation or more drama, but what he wants the most is a hot fuck with his fried up boyfriend!  Stripping off in the great outdoors, the sun is shining on their bodies making them glow with a great skin tone, it looks beautiful, and the dick sucking action is to die for!  As they move around the meadows they have the hottest outdoor fuck in history, and Kayden is so turned on by his toned lover that he even gets the urge to bottom for him, his dripping, pre-cum covered dick bouncing as he takes in all of Zac’s dick up his bubble butt and both boys explode with load after load of spunk, releasing all the tension of the day, and perhaps even turning their rocky relationship around!


It’s the evening and strip poker is on the cards, with top dog Kayden getting more and more drunk and involving the sexy French boy in their games! Getting more and more outrageous, Kayden causes the game to end abruptly but all the while, Niall’s ex JP is out for a cigarette and Niall, who’s totally hung up on his man that was is out for some ‘fresh air’ with him. Fresh air with a smoker is never a good idea, and Niall thinks he’s being subtle, but JP is on to him even if Lucas, his current boyfriend is oblivious. Taking a break on the bench, it’s seconds before dicks are out and Niall bends over JP like a favourite lap-dog almost choking on his thick shaft! Right there in the open, they strip butt naked and Niall gives himself up to JP totally, again! With Lucas inside and not realising what’s going on, his boyfriend is fucked royally by our red-headed stud, his ass stretched wide by his huge dick, Niall moaning so loud it’s a miracle they’re not discovered! As they roll around the grass together, we’re given the best ass fucking close-ups we could ask for, and JP’s fountain of spunk leaves us all fully sated, with JP knowing he’d have Niall at least once again!