New Cummers – Luke Desmond and Lyle Boyce


Donkey Dicked Luke Desmond is bored at work! Checking his colleagues have gone for the day he opens his favourite porn movie. His cock seems to always be hard and taking it out he just makes it harder! Using his own spit as lube he enjoys tugging his huge cock totally enjoying himself. Disturbed by a delivery boy buzzing his office, Luke races to hide his cock and close his porn! He thinks he has got away with it until he accidentally hits play again blasting out screams of pleasure from his laptop! Lyle recognises the sounds, taking a luke he tells luke that it’s one of his favourites. Not sure what to do next Luke asks if he likes “this” Showing him his still stiff cock! Lyle doesn’t say a word but drops to his knees and services the

horny stud’s huge cock! Stripping down and bending over the delivery boy Luke works his tongue into Lyles hole, spitting and licking it recreating one of his own favourite porn scenes! Dropping his trousers and pants but still in a shirt and tie he slips his hardon into Lyles wet hole! Stood behind him slamming his hole Luke looks at home, making the most of the empty office they swap from the office chair then back to the desk before Lyle shoots his load. Not even the creaky office desk is going to put Luke off who soon shoots his load over Lyles chest!  










The trailer will leave your dick twitching and hoping you get a hot courier next time!



Download of the week – Thick and Throbbin’

Hung-Ladz-5-Thick-&-ThrobbinHuge dicks, thick shafts and tight butts team up and create the best fucking in Hung Ladz history!! Twinks moan out loud as their sweet holes are stretched wider than ever by some of the thickest dicks ever grown, all here to take your breath away as they pound hard and fast, bursting with spunk over hot faces!!

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Model of the Week – Steven Prior

Skinny, cute, young but with a MASSIVE dick, the famous Steven Prior started his career with a vengance at Eurocreme. A star of the DreamBoy series and of course Hung Ladz, he’s a highly recognized model for all the right reasons, and his skinny frame just makes that dick look even bigger, even power bottom Ashley Ryder was gobsmacked by the size of this appendage!steven-priorsteven-prior-returns (1)

Check out Steven in this Indieboyz Movie, see what the fuss is about!

3 DVDs for ONE Price!

Eurocreme have announced that they are launching a series of 3for1 DVD packages to all their customers! Containing some of their best and most popular productions at the bargain prices they have set, you won’t be left feeling anything but satisfied, in all ways!

The packages are cheaper than you will find in any high street store and with FREE delivery to your door , its even easier! 3pack7 3pack3 3pack4 3pack5 3pack6

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New Cummers, HungLadz Latest Movie!

You can’t deny you get that tingly feeling in your pants when you see a guy with a bulge! Think how you would feel if you came into a room with a room full of guys with huge hanging cocks! Well.. Hungladz is back and hung and hornier than Ever!

Here is a sneak peek for you!

hung-ladz-sc2Coming home with horn is Drakes favourite thing. Wasting no time in dropping his bag, grabbing his laptop and spreading out on the bed he is soon working his huge cock stiff! A knock at the door disturbs this horny lad from playing. Andro is at the door and wastes no time walking in, he kisses Drake pushing him down onto the bed, working his way down to his hard shaft Andro services Drakes throbbing cock. The pair 69 until Andro can’t wait any longer and rides Drake! Swappign positions until Andro is on his back, Drake fucking him until he shoots a hot load over himself, the sight is too much for Drake who follows with soaking his playmate with his own huge load! 


Sexy Stud JP and his heart cock are in the heart of the countryside. Soaking up some rays he finds his mind wandering, playing with his nipples JP soon has more than the sun on his mind! His undies start to bulge, slipping his hand inside he works his large cock hard before revealing what it is that he has hiding inside. Using the chair as a play thing JP is soon on all fours, using his spit as lube he slides his fingers into his tight hole, showing us how much he loves having his arse played with! Making the most of his horn JP spins round, laying upside down and continues to wank. Tugging his balls as he pleasures himself JP’s cock looks delicious from this angle and the cum shot and self facial is something you won’t want to miss out on! 

dvd-boxKayden loves the gym and there is nothing better to work his horn levels into over drive than a good work out! After a long session he finds his cock bulging in his lycra shorts. Not being a shy boy he is soon sat on his gym bench working it even harder. Taking it out you will be not be disappointed at how big this studs cock really is! Newboy Jordan walks in and can’t believe his eye or luck at what’s before him. He doesn’t hesitate when Kayden beckons him over to suck it! Pushing his head down Kayden moan out with pleasure, wanting to repay his gym fuck buddy he pulls down Jordan’s shorts to reveal his stiff cock! Taking it in his mouth Kayden starts his second work out of the day! Being the resourceful type Kayden uses what’s to hand and soon has Jordan bent over a work bench, his hole for the taking. Rimming him deep Kayden and Jordan both moan in ecstasy. Wanting more than he has got so far Kayden flips Jordan onto his back and fills his tight hole with his huge cock! Pulling Jordan onto his pulsing shaft Jordan lays there and takes it like a pro! The Lockers, the wall and then back to the work bench, Kayden makes the most of his playmates hole and fucks him senseless. Begging for it harder Jordan sprays the workbench with his hot load before Kayden shoots his huge load all over his playmates back and arse! Time to hit the showers boys! 

Model of the Week – Luke Desmond

9-of-luke-dvdWhen I first met Luke, he was a bit quiet, and didn’t seem too confident. But when he took his kit off for his solo, I was blown away by what a perfect tight body he has. His boyish cute looks don’t quite prepare you for the awesome body he keeps hidden under his baggy top. Working as a builder might have something to do with it! 6′ 1, fit, and lean, with an awesome six pack, a golden tan, and little muscles all over, he is extremely hot with his clothes off.. and hidden in his boxers is a HUGE surprise.. he told me he thought his cock was about 7 inches.. when he got hard, I had to tell him, ‘Erm, Luke.. that’s more like 9 inches!!’ But then, Luke is a really modest guy, which is rare for such a fit lad. luke-desmond (3) luke-desmond luke-desmond (2)

Porn Parcel

Eurocreme are known for their forward thinking and always wanting to give something back to their customers.DVD-porn-parcel

They have launched their very own Porn Parcel, what this entails is a rather sexy priced subscription of around £161 then the next 10 releases from studios such as our flagship DreamBoy studio, Dads Fucking Lads and ever more Hung Ladz, among others, will be with you without the need to click and purchase every time.

The savings are HUGE, see the EurocremeStore for more information.

CottageBoy Launch Party at KuBar

CottageBoy was officially launched this weekend with a party at KuBar.

The Models were out in force from across Eurocreme Groups several studios and looking sexier than ever. The night was a hit with all who attended, especially those who managed to bag some seriously sexy prizes from the Spin The Wheel, as well as a cheeky picture and a peck on the cheek from the models!

Media and Events Manager Lee Redpath who organised the event said ” i’d like to thank everyone who attended the night, it was a great atmosphere. The models and staff worked hard to make it a success, thank you all! I’d especially like to thank the team at KuBar and am excited about working together in the future!”

Below are some of the pictures from the night, they can also be found on the groups Facebook page!

Thanks Eurocreme, can’t wait till the next party!! cottage-boy-party-01 cottage-boy-party-02 cottage-boy-party-03 cottage-boy-party-04 cottage-boy-party-05 cottage-boy-party-06 cottage-boy-party-07 cottage-boy-party-08 cottage-boy-party-09 cottage-boy-party-10 cottage-boy-party-11 cottage-boy-party-12 cottage-boy-party-13 cottage-boy-party-14 cottage-boy-party-15 cottage-boy-party-16 cottage-boy-party-17 cottage-boy-party-19 cottage-boy-party-20 cottage-boy-party-21 cottage-boy-party-22 cottage-boy-party-23 cottage-boy-party-24 cottage-boy-party-25 cottage-boy-party-26 cottage-boy-party-27 cottage-boy-party-28 cottage-boy-party-29 cottage-boy-party-30 cottage-boy-party-31 cottage-boy-party-32 cottage-boy-party-33 cottage-boy-party-34 cottage-boy-party-35 cottage-boy-party-36 cottage-boy-party-37 cottage-boy-party-38 cottage-boy-party-39 cottage-boy-party-40 cottage-boy-party-41 cottage-boy-party-42 cottage-boy-party-43 cottage-boy-party-44 cottage-boy-party-45 cottage-boy-party-46 cottage-boy-party-47 cottage-boy-party-48 cottage-boy-party-49 cottage-boy-party-50 cottage-boy-party-51 cottage-boy-party-52 cottage-boy-party-53 cottage-boy-party-54 cottage-boy-party-55 cottage-boy-party-56 cottage-boy-party-57 cottage-boy-party-58 cottage-boy-party-59 cottage-boy-party-60 cottage-boy-party-61 cottage-boy-party-62 cottage-boy-party-63 cottage-boy-party-64 cottage-boy-party-65 cottage-boy-party-66 cottage-boy-party-67 cottage-boy-party-68 cottage-boy-party-69 cottage-boy-party-70 cottage-boy-party-71 cottage-boy-party-72 cottage-boy-party-73 cottage-boy-party-74 cottage-boy-party-75 cottage-boy-party-76 cottage-boy-party-77 cottage-boy-party-78 cottage-boy-party-79 cottage-boy-party-80 cottage-boy-party-81 cottage-boy-party-82 cottage-boy-party-83 cottage-boy-party-84 cottage-boy-party-85 cottage-boy-party-86 cottage-boy-party-87 cottage-boy-party-88 cottage-boy-party-89 cottage-boy-party-90 cottage-boy-party-91