Behind The Scenes With Lyle Boyce


Lyle Boyce is a fresh faced twink with a killer smile! Check him out in the behind the scenes of his latest movies to see what it really is like to spend a weekend with him! He may look sweet an innocent, but there is more than meets the eye with this boy!

See for yourself, its a fun life Lyle leads!

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Daddy’s Boy Sc1 – Dolan Wolf and Lyle Boyce


Hitting the ground running with hairy muscle man Dolan Wolf getting off on the slim, pale and very twinky Lyle Boyce, we’re treated instantly to Lyle eager to unbutton Dolan’s suit shirt.  Exposing his hairy chest and hard abs, Lyle doesn’t stop there, desperate to get into his daddy’s pants.  Fumbling with anticipation at the belt, Daddy Dolan helps him out, just as horny to get his boy naked, he pulls his shirt off him and drags him to his face, kissing him hard as he half caresses, half gropes Lyle’s ass, as if telling the boy where he’s going to go next.  Tossing Lyle all over the place, his hairless milky white body is there solely for the pleasure of Dolan, even his impressively large dick is used to get him off as he slurps on the boy stick before moving to his favourite place, that smooth virgin ass!  Giving us the best views of the hot ass fucking, down Dolan’s buff body and seeing his dick slide into Lyle doggy style is just the beginning of a damn hot tryst and the shared cumshots finish this action off perfectly!1-06 1-03 1-07 1-10

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Who wants some Art?!

Roll up Roll up!!

You may have seen these beauties in a few of the horny fuck filled moves from The Eurocreme Group and though “I’d love to have one of those”

Well now you can. These Limited Edition prints are up for Sale (the inside scoop is that the office is due a huge make over and they’re making space for some sexy new furniture and wall hangings)

2013-12-09 12.54.58 2013-12-09 12.55.16 2013-12-09 12.55.42

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