Eurocreme is having a Party!

I’ve just heard from a very reliable source that Eurocreme is hosting a party on the 30th October to coincide with the launch of their next hit movie “CityBoy”. Our friends at KuBar are playing host as they do so well!


If the last party is anything to go by, the night will be filled with Hot men, Hot giveaways and a steaming Hot atmosphere! Keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement on Twitter or Facebook!

Remember to make sure you have the night off work! Don’t miss out!


Father Figure – Michel and Leo

father-figure-sc1Dark hair all round as sexy young French twink Leo Marco looks to get taught some new tricks from hairy and hunky Italian muscle man Michel Rudin.  After a quick interview the boys are hard at it on Leo’s bed.  Already bursting from his shorts, Michel’s hairy chest is adored by smooth young Leo who works his way down his buff manly torso to his rock solid and nicely thick dick.  Lapping at the shaft which is nearly as big as his own head, Leo takes as much as he can down his throat, with Michel’s hand resting on the back of his neck, guiding him down onto it.  Resting back and loving the oral he’s getting, we’re treated to more looks of this hairy stud, from his fuzzy pits and furry pecs, all whilst he fucks Leo’s face!  Pulling Leo up onto all fours, Michel takes his twink doggy, Leo’s slim frame fitting easily into Michel’s hands as he works the horny twink back and forth onto him, Leo loving every second he’s getting fucked, and Michel loving the feeling of his smooth skin, tight under his grip.  As he’s flipped over, Leo is fucked into the bed until he shoots a brilliant white load over himself, and Michel continues to fuck him until he’s ready to shoot too, pulling out and massing his bulging head until he too covers Leo’s freshly fucked stomach and cock.

Check out the steaming hot pictures below! You’re in for a treat!1-09 1-10 1-01 1-04 1-06

Kayden’s got 9.5 inches, All for You!


Muscled, Handsome and with a thick 9.5″ dick, Kayden is the dream pornstar we all want a piece of! Never happier than when his massive dick is being pumped into a tight pink hole, he makes his fortunate bottoms squeal as every inch gets pushed deeper into them and then Kayden gets his brute strength into play and pounds them mercilessly, you just have to see the look on their faces as to how much they are enjoying it!  Working the camera to his full advantage, he draws his viewers in with his sculpted body and of course, that perfectly formed dick of his!3-03 4-01 4-04 4-05 4-09 1-06

Porn for your all Budgets!


Don’t you hate it when you get to the end of the month and have to watch your cash! Eurocreme have updated their store to allow you access to the hottest feature movies at the lowest online prices!

With their Price Bands, Studio, DVD Bundle and now DVD Clearance, you are only a few clicks away from award winning porn and a satisfying feeling that only Europe’s Largest production company can give! Go on, log on and get off!

Jimmy! x