Ashley Ryder wins Best Director!

Pornstar turned Director Ashley Ryder wins ‘BEST DIRECTOR’ at HustlaBall Berlin’s 2014 Awards MG_0208_resize Drilled

Amid the muscle, hair and sweat of HustlaBall, where all things fetish is celebrated, the whole Berlin turned out to enjoy a night filled with leather clad men and testosterone filled air.

The Awards are just one highlight of the night, but for the EurocremeGroup, and their Director Ashley Ryder in particular, it turned into a huge celebration.

As a pornstar, Ashley Ryder has won numerous awards for his bottoming prowess, but since turned Director he has really hit his stride, initiating models into his world and bringing his fantasies to life.  Now with Bulldog firmly under his helm and even working on the Eurocreme Group’s Alphamales studio too, Ashley has shone a light into the dark world of fetish and brings it to the modern era.

Winning Best Director at probably his most iconic Awards ceremony, Ashley  was over the moon; “It’s amazing to have best director at the awards show;  I really didn’t think I would have won!  I want to thank all the models that have worked really hard on every set, without them and their hard work we wouldn’t have a film. I also want to thank the EurocremeGroup for giving me the opportunity to make my films into a reality.”


The timing of this Award couldn’t have come better, as his latest masterpiece, entering the as yet untouched by Bulldog world of foot fetish is hitting the shelves across the globe with ‘Worshipped’ which as Ashley explains is “to give an introduction to the niche of foot worship to those kinky young guys out there who are into experimenting but not necessarily want to engage fully into something they aren’t sure of… yet!  Even our hung models like Kayden Gray and Drew Kingston weren’t totally into this, but afterwards admitted they have had their eyes opened to this new fetish they never knew they had.”

Also out now is Ashley’s version of a life before porn, where the public toilets around his hometown were a mecca to him as he explored his burgeoning sexuality, and wanted to immortalize that in his unique fetish style with ‘Cruised’ showcasing superstars Darius Ferdynand and Bruno Bernal, with Bulldog favourite Kayden Gray all having the hottest, most horny sex imaginable all in the confines of the cubicles and urinals of London.

All this and more adds to the high profile portfolio of the fetish world’s Best Director of 2014!  Congratulations Ashley, you deserve it!


CyberSocket Awards!!


Hey Guys,

I have Just heard that our friend at Eurocreme are up for a heap of awards at this years Cyber Socket awards! More this year than ever, so it’s even more exciting!!

Their nominations this year are;

Best Product/Retail Site
Eurocreme Store
Best Video Site
Best Movie or Web Series of the Year
Best Sex Scene
Kai and Kayden
Best Newcomer
Lyle Boyce
Best European Site
Best Hardcore/Fetish Site

I just finished voting, as well as for some of the other hot guys on there.

They need your votes to keep them at the top of their game! Don’t be shy ;)

Voting can be done here 

See you soon


Deep Fuckers – Out Now


Giant dicks, deep butts and the sexual appetite to tire out the most horny of men, these Hung Ladz have only one thing on their mind, and that’s dick!  Whether it’s sticking their own monster meat up inside smooth tight butts or having their asses filled with twink cocks, it’s all they want and all they need!  They give themselves any excuse to whip it out and play with them; from fixing furniture with giant dicked Kayden Gray to catching hung young Luke Desmond with his dick out on the sofa, the sight of such delicious slabs of meat is all they need to get fucked hard and deep!


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The new kid on the block is HUNG!

deep-fuckers-sc5Taking a break on a very sexy stock take, slim young Marco DuVaul relaxes on the chair, tossing his clipboard aside he leans back and whips out his already growing cock for us! Softly stroking it, we see it get harder and harder in his hands as his pumps his fully erect, long shaft as he remembers his horny time with Mickey Taylor earlier that week. Waving his huge dick in our faces as the camera zooms right up from beneath him, so close we could almost lean forward and lick his hairless balls and perfectly smooth butt hole! Almost reading our minds, Marco takes us into the next room where a fantastically horny clear fleshjack is waiting as he slowly slides inside, we see every inch slide deep, his throbbing tip almost bursting out the end as he bucks and fucks the thing for us, letting us see his smooth slim body slide down to his crotch and pumping meat! Not finished yet, Marco whips out a thick dildo and bounces like a twink possessed on top of it, right down to the balls, still jerking away and squirting his juice all over the place mid-bounce, almost swallowing the whole thing as his butt puckers and spasms with the escaping spunk!

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Cruised… out now!

CruisedThe original place for sordid and unsolicited sex, toilets are the den of rough and ready fucking, the home of indiscreet and very public shows of raw sexual energy, where you don’t know who you’re fucking and you don’t even care. Checking out what’s on offer at the urinal, you choose the biggest dick on show and the cubicle will be your domain for as long as it takes for the spunk to start flowing. The horny fuckers here are in for a treat, every dick on display is huge; from Steven Prior to Darius Ferdynand by way of 9.5 inches of Kayden Gray, there’s not going to be a tight hole left once the night is through. Muscles pour with sweat, dicks drip with cum and holes twitch, covered in spit. The men have got what they wanted and the job is done.4





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