Reverend Daddy – Priest Office Punishment

Always trying to please his superior, blond cutie Jason brings his priest a hot cup of coffee to his office whilst working hard. Jason has a nervous crush on the father, so much so he gets distracted by his muscled body bursting from beneath his black shirt and spills the hot drink over the desk! Father Giorgio has a bad temper at the best of times, something Jason’s always found to make him even hotter, and when told to clean up his mess, Jason jumps to it and is soon found on his knees in front of the towering mountain of muscle! The perfect height to swallow dick, Jason’s dream comes true as Giorgio takes his anger out on the poor choir boy, fucking his throat before taking further action on that peachy ass of his, right over the coffee-laden table! Ramming home his big thick dick, Jason has no option, or inclination, but to take this penance and be thankful for it! Spurting huge amounts of boy juice over himself as the father fucks him hard, Giorgio adds to the spunk and swiftly leaves his office, telling the boy to clean that u as well!

Get your copy here!

Get your copy here!

SwimBoy Pre-Sale!

SwimBoy – The latest Smash Hit Movie from our friends at Eurocreme. I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the first to see the movie in a private screening, and my god, its Hot!

Eurocreme have opened the market for DVD Pre Sales now, get yours before they sell out!

Here’s what they have to say – With his blond hair, dashing good looks and natural talent, star of the show Jonathan, played by super hot Australian porn star Jaxon Radoc is taken to an elite swimming academy by his twisted step-mother for the summer to be sure he doesn’t cause a disruption to her wedding to his father.

There, at the Lakeside Academy, Jonathan enters a strange world where swimming, sex and chauvinism combine to create something explosive and the potential for something very dangerous!
SwimBoy brings the famed DreamBoy studio a new best selling hit, full of gorgeous young men from across the world eager to prove themselves to their coach, and to you!

Available exclusively on on PRE-RELEASE, you can order your own copy right now and have it shipped to you before it comes on general release in early June 2015.

Estimated date of shipping 10th June 2015.