SwimBoy Signing

Eurocreme are excited to announce that Prowler Soho are hosting a signing of the latest DreamBoy Movie – SwimBoy.

Two of the sexy stars of the movie will be in attendance, get their autograph, a picture with them or just to see them in the flesh!

Come along on the 20th to Prowler between 3 and 5pm

Meet Kayden Gray

and Kamyk Walker Wearing nothing more than some very delicious swimwear this is an up close and personal meet and greet with some of the sexiest guys out there!! For more information check out the Event Page

Reverend Daddy – Priest Office Punishment

Always trying to please his superior, blond cutie Jason brings his priest a hot cup of coffee to his office whilst working hard. Jason has a nervous crush on the father, so much so he gets distracted by his muscled body bursting from beneath his black shirt and spills the hot drink over the desk! Father Giorgio has a bad temper at the best of times, something Jason’s always found to make him even hotter, and when told to clean up his mess, Jason jumps to it and is soon found on his knees in front of the towering mountain of muscle! The perfect height to swallow dick, Jason’s dream comes true as Giorgio takes his anger out on the poor choir boy, fucking his throat before taking further action on that peachy ass of his, right over the coffee-laden table! Ramming home his big thick dick, Jason has no option, or inclination, but to take this penance and be thankful for it! Spurting huge amounts of boy juice over himself as the father fucks him hard, Giorgio adds to the spunk and swiftly leaves his office, telling the boy to clean that u as well!

Get your copy here!

Get your copy here!

SwimBoy Pre-Sale!

SwimBoy – The latest Smash Hit Movie from our friends at Eurocreme. I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the first to see the movie in a private screening, and my god, its Hot!

Eurocreme have opened the market for DVD Pre Sales now, get yours before they sell out!

Here’s what they have to say – With his blond hair, dashing good looks and natural talent, star of the show Jonathan, played by super hot Australian porn star Jaxon Radoc is taken to an elite swimming academy by his twisted step-mother for the summer to be sure he doesn’t cause a disruption to her wedding to his father.

There, at the Lakeside Academy, Jonathan enters a strange world where swimming, sex and chauvinism combine to create something explosive and the potential for something very dangerous!
SwimBoy brings the famed DreamBoy studio a new best selling hit, full of gorgeous young men from across the world eager to prove themselves to their coach, and to you!

Available exclusively on EurocremeStore.com on PRE-RELEASE, you can order your own copy right now and have it shipped to you before it comes on general release in early June 2015.

Estimated date of shipping 10th June 2015.



Easter Sale

Take advantage of the Eurocreme Group Easter Sale with a Cracking 50% off of Downloads and DVD’s. Valid up to the 7th April. Make sure you cash in!

Exceptions include;

Weekened with Kayden, Harder Daddy, WorkMen, Big Dicked Twinks.

Offer subject to stock levels and may be withdrawn at anytime.

Advent Calendar 2014

To Celebrate the run up to Christmas, the Eurocreme Group have created a very special and giving Advent Calendar.

Each day you will be able to open your window and check out a whats on offer, discounts, freebies and even some guest appearances from your favorite PornStars, its a festive season to shake your bells at!


EurocremeStore.com Advent Calendar 2014 Terms and Conditions.

By partaking in this promotion, you have accepted and agreed to the terms and conditions listed below.

This promotion is open to adults aged 18 years and older.

Offers are valid for 24 hours from when they are launched. Any orders made or attempted to be made in this time will be honoured. Once the offer has been expired it cannot be applied to orders. Discounts will be applied at checkouts. Any items for post will be sent out to you direct to the address linked with your account.

Exceptions may apply in each daily offer and will be listed at jimmybling.com for the duration of the offer

Kinky Cleaner Fucks CityBoy


Back in the office, it’s the day after the night before and Brad walks in obviously feeling the effects of his high flying lifestyle. Undeterred, it’s 4:30 and time to hit the bar once again! Showing off about his previous conquest, cute long haired Max slowly starts to realise if he wants something, he’s gotta pay for it, and after some Dutch courage, he goes about playing with the big boys but without knowing the rules of the game! Losing this round and pissing off cute Jack, Max flees to the office to get his keys disturbing the very handsome cleaner who’s just starting. As Drew lets Max into a secret, how he enjoys cleaning naked, Max wants to unleash some of this pent up tension, and as Drew slowly strips for him, showing his smooth dark skin and big black dick slapping on the clear glass desk, it’s the perfect tonic! Dropping to his knees, Max swallows the entire length, getting more and more cock hungry as his throat is stretched open. Taking off his own suit, skinny but lean Max, freckled and damn sexy gets his perfect twink bubble butt ravaged by Drew’s hungry tongue before rocking the entire desk as he pounds hard, showing it’s not just the high flyers that know how to fuck! 1
Check it out here!


CityBoy – Released Today!!

CoverNew to the City, sexy young Max is struggling to find his feet and find love at the same time. With a chauvinistic manager who prides himself on being able to buy anything and everyone, Maxis caught between keeping up with the big boys and falling for the gorgeous barman the rest of the suited young men see merely as a commodity. Once he hears even the cute barman has been bought, Max starts to spiral out of control, trying to plays the game himself but without knowing the rules, there can only be trouble ahead, but the company is up for a big presentation where they need to please the big boss from Paris who flies in especially. As Max finds solace in numerous big dicked boys, Brad is on a mission to succeed at any cost, will Max be dragged into the non-stop world of the city high-flyers where sex is as easy to get as a pizza, or will he be left behind picking up the pieces? CityBoy features an array of suited young men and horny fuckers all sporting big dicks and hot bubble butts eager to take as much as possible, as long as they get something in return! From sex in toilets, offices and boardrooms, the world of the CityBoy is finally here! Available ON DVD or in HD on a USB Stick delivered to your door!

CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW! 3-072 1-01 1-02-3500 1-04


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Check out the Trailer 1st below!