BirthdayBoy – The Orgy!

You might think we missed the orgy completely, but there’s always an excuse to show 5 hot young twinks in action together! Heading back 8 hours, we see what really went on downstairs as Billy and Drake enjoyed their first sexual adventure. Missing out on giants dicks sporting from Darius, JP, McKensie, Danny and Luke, it’s a big dick bonanza never to be missed! All getting frisky on the sofas, Luke Desmond looks hotter than hell as Danny gets his lips around him, and handsome JP Darius and McKensie take the other sofa in a chain of throat fucking that leaves us gasping for air! With each boy swopping themselves around, it’s a huge melee of slim, toned sweaty bodies, with peachy perfect butts getting fucked hard, Luke getting spit-roasted, JP fucking every ass in sight and the close-ups angles we’re given makes it hard to see who’s doing who, but as long as it’s a big dick in a smooth hole, it’s all good! McKensie it the first to cum, his ass fucked hard by the beautiful Darius, with Luke dumping his load over Danny as he’s still getting fucked by JP who then pulls out and mixes loads, with each boy now empty, covered in streams of cum, they lay back and relax..

BirthdayBoy Sc4 – Billy Rubens and Drake Law

We’re back at the flat and Billy and Drake get ready in the bathroom, Billy taking some cheeky glances at Drake’s hot slim body, they walk to JP and Danny’s place where an impromptu orgy is taking place in Drake’s honour! Needing to freshen up, Drake and Billy go upstairs first, and Drake’s not too happy.. It turns out all this time Drake’s been after Billy and Billy’s been wanting Drake too! After wasting so much time, Drake suggests catching up, and as they fall to the bed together, They start stripping each other, Drake eager to get a taste of Billy’s skin and makes his way down to his ever-solid dick, wrapping his moist lips around his shaft and working up and down, getting as much in his pretty mouth as possible. With Billy’s dick standing proud, Drake lowers himself onto it, and the gasps and yelps that escape him show how much he’s been looking forward to this moment! Billy can’t believe his luck wither, flipping his new boyfriend onto his back and working his dick back and forth, a look of pure sexual pleasure on both boys faces that just gets more and more intense as they share their first orgasm, Billy pulling gout and spunking on Drake, mixing their spunk together! As they leave the flat the next morning, they tip-toe past the boys, naked and post-orgy, all collapsed around each other.

Here’s a little teaser for you!



BirthdayBoy Sc3 – Danny, JP and Billy Rubens

The insatiable Billy, stressed at his falling in love with Drake turns to his two best friends in London. High flying couple Danny and JP, renowned for their orgies and loose morals listen to Billy’s problems and come up with the perfect answer! Bring Drake to the orgy tonight, Drake will get frisky and Billy can take him aside and show him what he’s got to offer, inside and out. Billy’s not so sure and is still stressed, but JP’s famed stress-buster and Danny’s relaxing neck rub lead directly to an awesome threeway, with everyone sharing dick, and Danny’s ass getting the treatment from Billy firstly as he devours JP’s thick dick. Stretching his cheeks wide we see Billy pump the blond twink full of meat, JP slapping his partner’s ass and slipping a cheeky finger into him too, really making him moan in pleasure! Swopping over, Danny is still the bottom boy in this tryst, but as JP works his freshly fucked hole wider, Billy lays back and enjoys the de-stressing blowjob from Danny, who loves getting fed dick from both ends! It doesn’t stop there, JP wants in on the bottoming action and Billy is more than happy to get some fucking again, with all boys leaving JP covered in spunk, three separate loads, and Billy covering JP with a last minute hug, squelching the spunk between their sweaty bodies!

See for yourself, its a Birthday Orgy you are not going to want to miss!

 It’s a birthday present you won’t forget! Getting older never looked so sexy!


Birthday Boy Sc 2 – Luke Desmond and Billy Rubens

Leaving the bar with his gift to Drake, Billy makes his way to fuck-buddy Luke Desmond’s place, wanting to release some tension and do as he was done by, by his crush Drake. With Luke’s girlfriend out of the way, lucky young Billy gets to feast on Luke’s massive dick, which no-one can get enough of! He might be straight in the movie, but Luke Desmond can’t wait to take Billy’s dick up his hot ass but not before he plays with the very toy meant for Drake, Billy working the fleshjack over Luke’s ever increasing dick, sucking it after each turn. It’s a perfect match with these two guys, both lean, toned, their six-packs flexing together as Billy slides his dick in and out of Luke, Luke’s own dick rock solid as Billy works closer and closer to each other, kissing each other as they build into the biggest orgasm these boys have had, Billy playing with the freshly jazzed spunk, much to Luke’s delight!

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BirthdayBoy Sc1 – McKensie and Drake Law

With the sexiest wake-up call ever, handsome young twink Drake gets stroked awake by the buff Billy Rubens, his new flatmate. Having just moved to London, Drake’s a bit depressed, and with today being his birthday, Billy is quick to jump to it, celebrating with Drake by heading to London’s Soho and diving into the nearest sex shop! Drake’s never seen so many sex toys in his life and Billy treats his new friend to a fleshjack, something for him to enjoy in his room! As they go to a bar, the new London boy Drake gets eyed up left right and centre, and fit barman McKensie has set his sights directly on luring him back to his! Running off after a quick encounter, Drake leaves Billy and his present behind, calling on McKensie and a bit of fun on his big day! Rushing into some hot cock sucking within moments, McKensie can’t wait to strip Drake naked, showing us all his lean and lithe body, hairless and incredibly lick-able, as McKensie clearly shows us! With some of the best cock-sucking, Drake turns into quite the rampant fucker, stuffing his mouth full of dick before propping his new found fuck-buddy on top of his dick and slamming him hard and fast. McKensie can’t get enough of Drake’s big dick, moving all over the bed to give him deeper access, we’re given unrivalled views of McKensie’s huge thick white load squirting from his twitching dick, swiftly joined by Drake’s own spunk-fest! Drake has the best birthday present with McKensie and his hot arse!! Below is Drake, he loves sucking cock! He is a gorgeous nortern lad with a lust for sex! He is the nicest person to sit and chat to! You can meet him at the Eurocreme Party! Tickets are 2 for 15£ with discount code “1extra” from here. See you there!  Check this Preview out, it’s got me wishing it was my birthday already!

Billy Rubens in a sex toy solo!

Billy Rubens seems to be slipping from hit “Top” status!

We caught him with a dildo and bit of arse play! Check it out here!

Short staffed and fully booked, Billy has to run around doing the housekeeping, but there’s one room which he spends a bit too long in, after finding a bag stuffed full of sex toys and all manner of deviancy!  Curious about what the big deal is about sex toys, this sexy young stud gets a heaviness in his groin and decides to try out a few – a treat for working so hard!  Starting with a funky looking ice-jack, we can see his delicious dick fuck inside it as he slams it down over and over, getting himself super horny and ready to try a dildo next up his virgin hole!  Playing with a small (well he is a novice) black dildo, he’s bent over and his trim hole in the air as he slides it in, getting more and more lube on it to help it slide him, he’s not going to leave until he’s cum and soon dildo’s and jacks himself at the same time, which looks fucking awesome, especially when his lube covered hole, cock and balls twitch and stiffen as he readies himself to cum, leaving his abs nice and white!

Billy sure looks like he is having fun with those toys!! May have to help him out with a throbbing cock next!! ;) Watch this space!

Jimmy x

Raw N Hung 3way Fun

There’s nothing quite like getting down and dirty with one of these hot Czech stars, renowned for their big dicks, hungry holes and perfectly formed, slim and lean bodies, not to mention their appetite for sex!  But when there’s an extra boy or two it’s heaven!  Compiling the best threesome fucks of the Rawboys history, this is very much an indulgent affair into spit roasted twinks, cum covered lads and even some sex toy action thrown in!  Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, there’s nothing stopping all three Rawboys stripping off, exposing their delicious bodies to each other and then fucking the life out of each other in turn, what more could you want?!

If you LOVE 3ways and outdoors, then this movie is for you! It’s one hot cum fueled fuckfest!


Leo Marco and Ethan – Inside Job!

Checking in to the DreamBoy Hotel for a marketing conference, sexy young Leo Marco, straight from Paris instantly begins flirting with the sexy manager Billy Rubens before he’s caught short by colleague Ethan walking in the door.  Heading straight to their room, and it’s only double beds in the DreamBoy Hotel, Leo showers, getting himself soapy and very aroused, probably thinking about Billy!  In the meantime, Ethan takes a look into Leos bag and grabs some not-so-fresh pants from his case and can’t help but sniff deep, his massive dick straight up and softly stroked!  With perfect timing, Leo walks in on this big dicked sight and his eyes turn hungry for meat!  Although Ethan’s shy at first, Leo’s juicy lips are round his thick shaft and all inhibitions are lost to the throes of boy on boy sex!  Leo’s slim tanned body bouncing on top of Ethan’s huge dick, his smooth balls slap against his peachy ass until both lads can’t hold out any longer and explode their juices all over one another, Leo coating himself with thick white spunk and Ethan squirting his load over his new-found fuck buddy!

If this hot scene isn’t a advert for good room service, I don’t know what is! I’m checking into the DreamBoy Hotel, see you there?

Jimmy x

Behind the scenes on the set of “Inside Job”

















We all love seeing the behind the scenes, seeing the boys wandering about with their cocks pointing north! The DreamBoy Hotel has release the latest from “Inside Job” You see the twink studs in all their off camera glory!

Its going to get your dick twitching!

Jimmy! x


Taking Control

 Billy Rubens, Eurocreme’s exclusive star has successfully taken control of the DreamBoy Hotel, and it’s sexier and hornier than ever!  With sexy boys around every corner, it might have some problems but a juicy dick and hungry ass always make up for them!  Featuring another exclusive, blond beauty Danny Daniels, alongside stars Darius Ferdynand and Luke Desmond, it’s a melee of young men with giant dicks getting their first ever fuck, or working themselves around the corridors on a never-ending sex-fest.  From army boys to suited studs, this is one place you’ll find your favourite twink; it’s just a matter of Taking Control!

Its one not to miss!

Jimmy x